S-Sure & Per Peach Fiber Dietary Detox Weight Control Fast Slim Burn Block Burn

S-Sure & Per Peach Fiber Dietary Detox Weight Control Fast Slim Burn Block Burn

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S-Sure + Per Peach Fiber Slimming Weight Control Fast Burn Block (6+6)

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Product Description

** S-Sure Fast Burn Slimming by Nui Sujira **
Contains : 15 Capsules / Box
FDA No : 13-1-15859-5-0646

** Per Peach Fiber Detox **
Contains : 7 Sachets / Box
FDA No : 13-1-15859-5-0686

Quantity: 12 Pcs. / Set ( 6 Boxes S-Sure Fast Burn Slimming + 6 Boxes Per Peach Fiber Detox)

S-Sure Fast Burn Slimming
S Sure help break down the metabolism, block fat before it enters the body, prevent accumulated fat and reduce starch accumulation, control hunger, reduce appetite symptoms clearly. Inhibits the process of absorption of sugar and the fat that enters the body with green coffee bean reduce old fat and inhibit the creation of new fats with black pepper to stimulate the body's metabolism
Suitable for those who want to lose weight, reduce the proportion, reduce fussy eating. After taking it, no side effects, no fatigue, no dizziness, no constipation, stop eating and not yo-yo.

- Reduce fat, reduce belly, arms, thighs
- Reduce sugar, reduce swelling
- Stimulates muscle building no exercise
- Natural extracts
- No need to starve, you can lose weight.
- Stay full for longer, eat less
- Accelerate the burning of fat
- slimming
- Reduce appetite with obvious results

New innovation 6 (Block Bright Burn Build Boost Balance)
1 Block
- Inhibit new starch and fat entering the body.
- destroy old fat and inhibiting new fat entering the body
2 Burn / Boost / Build
- Accelerate metabolism
- Increase energy and firm muscles
3 Balance
- balance
4 Bright
- Help brighten, nourish the brain, relieve stress.

For those who want to tighten the body. Lose weight gradually, not in a hurry
- Take 1 capsule a day, 15 minutes before lunch.
For those who are drug resistant, difficult to lose weight, want to lose weight urgently.
- Take 1 capsule a day, 15 minutes before lunch and
- Take 1 capsule a day, 15 minutes before dinner (should not eat dinner after 1 PM).

Per Peach Fiber Detox
Per Peach Fiber Detox balances excretion.
Fiber detox helps to gently stimulate the excretory system, helping to detoxify. rebalance the intestines with natural extracts from Japanese peaches help nourish the skin to look beautiful and aura.
French melon with SOD to protect skin from sunlight, reduce wrinkles and have chitosan. It helps to reduce the enzyme that turn starch into sugar from entering the body, stimulating metabolism. Inhibits fat and contains vitamin C. help maintain health

Fiber, peach flavor
- Prebiotics help balance the intestines.
- Chitosan blocks starch, helps metabolize
- Vitamin C helps maintain healthy skin.
- SOD from French melon Antioxidant

- Block & Burn Chitosan
   Help inhibit the enzyme that turns starch into sugar.
    Stimulates metabolism.
    Prevents starch and fat from entering the body.
- Bright Skin
    Contains vitamin C to help maintain good health.
    Protects the skin from the sun.
    Helps reduce wrinkles.
    Helps nourish the skin, aura, bright.

 1 sachet brew with 250 ml of cold water. Drink 45 minutes before bedtime.


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