RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)
RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)
RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)
RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)

RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)

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RMDA-S (10vials x 3ml/box)


Estheraction RMDA-s - whith PDRN

RMDA-s results

1. Helps retain moisture for the skin. moisturize

2. Helps prevent skin structure tissue from the destruction of free radicals. and stimulate skin repair

3. Stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin

4. Effectively reduce wrinkles on the face such as the corners of the eyes, cheeks, forehead or under the eyes.

5. Help restore skin. To be youthful, smooth, clear, natural

6. Stimulates the creation of new skin tissue.

7. Reduce dullness, blemishes, freckles.

8. tighten pores smooth skin

9. Reduce inflammation of acne. and sensitive skin Make your skin stronger.

Packing size 1 Box = 10 Vials x 3cc.

key ingredients

- Hyaluronic acid non crosslink
- lcarnitine
- Vitamins and other essentials for skin rejuvenation care

with simple steps

can be used in 3 different ways

1. Meso
2. Use with dermaroller dermaroller.
3. Used in conjunction with the Meso machine.