Repack Nabota 100u Nabota purity is as high
Repack Nabota 100u Nabota purity is as high
Repack Nabota 100u Nabota purity is as high
Repack Nabota 100u Nabota purity is as high

Repack Nabota 100u Nabota purity is as high

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Nabota purity is as high as 98.7% „It is very safe.

The treatment results are seen quickly, clearly and the duration lasts longer.
Not resistant to repeated injections like other low-purity Botulinum Toxin
And is used widely in America, Europe and Asia.
Certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand and abroad.

What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?
Botulinum Toxin is a protein extracted from bacteria, which is widely used in beauty, including reducing wrinkles on the face, making the face slender or smaller. It is also used to make the thighs and upper arms more beautiful. By this Toxin, people may be known by the names of Nabota, Botulinum Toxin, Dysport, Neuronox, Butulax or Hugel, etc. These names are named. The trade of each manufacturer, which Toxin of each company will be different in terms of purity levels, which have methods Different production makes the purity not equal.
NABOTA is Botulinum Toxin with a purity of 98.7%, which is considered the highest purity Toxin available today. Using the most advanced and best production innovation today called "Hi-pure Technology", which is the only technology currently producing Toxin with 98.7% purity as measured by the latest SEC-HPLC-TSK technique. G4000SWXL, which is regarded as the highest Toxin purity (Purity) today.

Purity of Toxin
Toxin purity is an important factor of Toxin indicating the quality of Toxin. The low is caused by the Toxin itself, there is a dilution of foreign substances mixed in a high threshold, making it slow to use. Or sometimes it may not work at all until the user has to use that product repeatedly or increase the amount of Toxin more to see better results. The reason in this case is because the human body has become completely resistant to Toxin. No matter how much Toxin is used, the result of using Toxin will not be as expected by users. How to observe for yourself that our body starts to develop resistance to Toxin or not can be done by simply observing. That after using Toxin, we need to take a longer time or not, or use Toxin in larger amounts than before? to get the same results as before These symptoms indicate that our body begins to react against the Toxin used, so the user should stop using the Toxin for a while and then use it again.



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