Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs
Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs
Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs
Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs

Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs

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Rejuran s Blue Box 1 Pcs



What is a PN?
PolyNucleotides (PN), traded as #RejuranS, is the most popular drug in Asia. because it gives clear and fast treatment results Suitable for those who have treated with laser but have not seen results. The drug is highly safe, extracted from SalmonDNA that has a DNA code similar to humans. The drug is injected to stimulate collagen to create the skin layer by our own body. thus providing permanent results

How does PN treat acne holes?
PN is injected to stimulate collagen production in the dermis (intraDermis) to repair damaged skin cells and stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production. Create a new skin layer with our own body. to fill acne holes The research revealed that It can thicken skin up to 650 µm in 4 weeks and improve overall skin health. Both moisture, elasticity, whiter up to 32%


How is PN different from normal SalmonDNA?
Common SalmonDNA is a substance called PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotides (PDRN) is a shorter DNA strand than PN, resulting in different concentrations. Rejuran S is a PN produced specifically for the treatment of acne pits. The drug is specially concentrated and has solid molecules that can be injected deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production in the deep skin layer (skin generation) to create new skin layers in the dermis. Which medical treatment is considered a permanent treatment.

The acne scar injection method is becoming very popular. Because I see results quickly and almost no need to rest my face. But the results and duration will depend on the drug as well.
1) Rejuran S is the top of the line drugs used to inject acne scars. Rejuran S is PolyNucleotide (PN) unlike normal SalmonDNA which is just PDRN. The difference is that the concentration is higher. It can be injected deep into the same level as fillers to do Skin Generation, creating a new skin layer by ourselves. thus providing permanent results But in exchange for the very high cost of drugs, so there is no agent to import Most Thai people have to travel to get injections in Korea.
2) Derma Care is PDRN, it is SalmonDNA that is similar to Rejuran, but the DNA is shorter, so the concentration of the drug is not very high. If injected at the same depth as Rejuran, the drug will completely disappear. The result is that I can't last long. Therefore, it is popular to inject only to poke the skin at the level of the Epidermis for tissue generation only. It is recommended to inject for luster, clear face, and pores.
3) Treatment of acne holes with our own platelets called PRP, which there are many grades of blood generators. A high-quality machine blends and bakes a gelatinous texture. It can be injected as a Growth Factor in the deep layers of the skin. But most cheap clinics churn out water, the result is that it can only be injected into the skin. Can't treat acne holes
4) AirJet is the use of air pressure gun and filler. Air pressure is used to cut the fascia and filler is used to fill the acne holes Suitable for people with deep BoxScar holes who need immediate treatment results. Because the results of 1 AirJet can be equivalent to the results of laser treatment 3-5 times, it is suitable for impatient people who want to see results immediately but not permanently.



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