3x Chame Krystal Collagen Powder 150000mg Young Nourish Brighten Skin Nails Hair

3x Chame Krystal Collagen Powder 150000mg Young Nourish Brighten Skin Nails Hair

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3x Chame Krystal Collagen Powder 150000mg Young Nourish Brighten Skin Nails Hair

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Brand : Chame
Registration Number : 13-1-15859-5-0446
Size : 30 Sachets per box
Quantity : 3 Boxes / set

- Collagen Tripeptide Fish Collagen 3,950 mg
- Collagen Type II 1,000 mg.
- Ascorbic Acid 60 milligrams
- Fish Collagen Dipeptide 50 mg.

How to eat:
- Take 1 sachet (5.06 grams) per day for approximately 50 milliliters of water (use a spoon to dissolve).
- able to mix hot and cold beverages, water, tea, milk, coffee, all kinds of fruit juices
- or water can be mixed with food such as soup, salad dressing without changing the taste

NEW! Chame Krystal Collagen
Collagen innovation for alternative health
- For those who have problems with bones, joints, nails, hair and skin.
- With collagen type II, extracted from chicken breast, combining efficiency Collagen dipeptide
- and collagen Tripeptide from freshwater fish which is ...

Collagen helps increase the level of hyaluronic acid. And health maintenance + high vitamin C
- 0% fat
- 0% No added sugar
- High vitamin C
- Protein necessary for growth And helps repair the wear and tear of the body

• Combined 3 types of collagen from Japan, collagen peptide Type 2 extracted from chicken breast, collagen dipeptide And collagen Tripeptide from freshwater fish
• Receive 20 types of amino acids that are important for the body.
• Small molecules quickly absorbed
• Get in the position right by stimulating the bones and joints.
• Helps to build collagen and elastin and stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the body.
• Answering health issues including bones, joints, hair, nails, and skin.
• No fat, no added sugar, no coloring, no flavorings, no preservatives And without a fishy odor
• Seafood allergies can be eaten
• The pocket size of 5,000 mg is enough for the body to receive per day.

Collagen Type II
• Helps to repair the wear and tear
• Helps to increase joint lubricant
• Helps to reduce joint pain and joint pain.

Collagen Tripeptide
• Create elastin Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid
• Helps skin regeneration, reduces wrinkles on the surface.
• Maintain skin moisture.

Collagen Dipeptide
• Maintenance of cartilage cells
• Increase bone mineral density
• Quick absorption. Works directly to stimulate bone cells.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
• Helps to strengthen collagen
• Helps the skin look smooth and clear.
• Restore dry skin from sunburn.

The result may vary by individual.

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