Hashi Set GRD URD PRD Eliminate Suffering GERD Acid Reflux Treatment Fast Action

Hashi Set GRD URD PRD Eliminate Suffering GERD Acid Reflux Treatment Fast Action

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Hashi Set GRD URD PRD Eliminate Suffering GERD Acid Reflux Treatment Fast Action

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Condition :  100% Brand new, seal, never used , never  opened

Quantity :  3 Boxes / Set

Size  :  15 capsules / box

Condition: 100% brand new, never used, never open the seal.

Size: 1 Set = 3 Box

1.HashiGRD Green box to fix acid reflux on the spot = 1 Box (14 capsules / Box.

2.HashiPRD Yellow Box Digestive System = 1 Box (12 Sachets / Box)

3.HashiURD Orange box coated stomach, reduce stinging = 1 Box (12 Sachets / Box)

- New innovations 2020 Natural herbs

- Safe, no residue

- Manageable Both began to be a long time chronic.

- The first box can actually be better Solving acid reflux is over ... on the spot

- Nipple - tight, burning - hot on the stomach - neck

- Flatulence-indigestion

- Shoulder stiffness Back pain

- Breathing is not easy, tired easily, dizziness in the head

- Burping sour-bitter, wanting to vomit

- Constipation

- Palpitations, stress, anxiety, insomnia

HashiGRD Green box to fix acid reflux on the spot = 1 Box (14 capsules / Box.)

GRD selects special raw materials from nature. Designed to correct acid reflux in all 3 stages at the exact cause. With a world-class innovation award

1?. Improves digestion efficiency

- Helps stimulate digestion, absorption, adjust the digestive system to relax. Act directly on the digestive system. Enhance the work of the pancreas Helps the digestive system work better.

2?. Manage stomach ulcers

- Reduce gastric inflammation Esophagus and intestines Stimulate the production of mucus coated the stomach. Relieve the burning sensation

3?. Increase the compression of the stomach to make food flow to the small intestine faster.

- Reduce tightness and tightening of the muscles in the stomach Stimulate the flow of blood to the stomach more.

4?. Expel the wind to reduce colic congestion.

- Reduce bloating, colic, abdominal discomfort, uncomfortable for better

5?. Reduce irritable bowel syndrome.

- Reduce irritable bowel syndrome and strengthen the effect of relieving constipation.

6?. Relax your muscles, relieve stress.

- Make the work of the stomach more efficiently Balances the body Relieve symptoms of GERD and relieve stress.

Thus helping to solve the problem of acid reflux

GRD selected natural extracts Through cell synapse technology to effectively deliver vital substances


HashiPRD Yellow Box Digestive System = 1 Box (12 Sachets / Box)

PRD PRD: Premium ingredients are selected. To help solve problems with the digestive system and intestines safely.

- Balancing the intestines to be back for good

- Increase the good microbes in the intestines

- Add food to the good microbes in the intestines

- Detoxification in the intestines

- Increase immunity

*** With the mechanism of PRD, it helps to manage the excretory system effectively.

PRD is designed to help manage intestinal problems effectively.

Recommend how to eat PRD

- First week: Dissolve 2 sachets of PRD with half a glass of clean water and drink before bedtime.

- When taking good pictures, taking fluently, and comfortable, you can reduce PRD to 1 envelope per day.

- Recommend to eat continuously for about 1 month to balance the intestines. Restore the excretory system to return to normal as before.

- The duration depends on the response of the individual. Taking care of yourself will help bring the digestive system back to normal faster 


HashiURD Orange box coated stomach, reduce stinging = 1 Box (12 Sachets / Box)

Recommended how to consume URD: drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals.

- Dissolve the URD with approximately 100ml of water (half a glass) and let it rise for 2-3 minutes.

- Drink URD to help coat the digestive tract.

** For people with mild symptoms, take 2 meals / day, morning and evening.

** People who have very stinging symptoms throughout the day, providing 3 meals / day, morning, lunch, and evening.

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