Probalance Probiotic Jelly Supplement Easy Diarrhea Constipation Flatulence

Probalance Probiotic Jelly Supplement Easy Diarrhea Constipation Flatulence

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Probalance Probiotic Jelly Supplement Easy Diarrhea Constipation Flatulence 

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Product of Thailand
Condition : New
Net weight : 10g / Sachet
Size : 20 Sachets / Box
Quantity : 1 Box
FDA notification number 12-4-00661-5-0028
Product details & Benefit
Probalance Jelly is a product that helps balance the digestive system. aid digestion Reduce constipation irritable bowel problems strengthens the intestinal wall reduce acid reflux problems increase metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the immune system of the body Prevent various allergies to create good health from within. to the outside in a sustainable way
Pro Balance Jelly is a future innovation in microorganisms that is exclusive to The NA, the first in Thailand that is probiotics in jelly form. Made and imported from Japan
Probalance Jelly (Probalance Jelly) formula developed over 3 years to develop Probiotic to best suit the physical condition of Thai people.
?? There is a special strain of microorganisms from Japan.
?? Contains acid-resistant biotic bacteria that do not reduce the number
?? Balancing the intestines, stimulating the immune system
?? No sugar, no lactose, no animal gelatin.
?? can be digested immediately does not cause bloating
?? Resistant to Thailand weather conditions Don't worry about storage
?? Jelly form, easy to eat can be eaten by the whole family
Probalance Jelly contains premium extracts. carefully selected To provide customers with the best probiotics
- Indigestibie reduces fat absorption control triglycerides Makes excretion easier
– L-Isoleucine stimulates Growth Hormone, speeds up metabolism, good memory.
– Yogurt Powder 20% higher protein than milk, adjust the digestive and excretory system.
– Fructo-oligosaccharides increase intestinal microbial growth
– L-Lysine creates protein, accelerates the growth of the body, increases immunity.
Probalance Jelly is a very easy to eat product. Can be eaten by both children and adults.
- Children with the following symptoms
• Children who are difficult to excrete.
• Get sick often, catch a cold easily.
• Do not like to eat vegetables.
• hard, not soft poop
- Adults with the following symptoms
• chronic constipation need to take pills to detox
• Difficult to excrete, irritable bowel.
• Stomachache, diarrhea, whatever.
• Sensitive, rash, acne prone.
• stress, worry, insomnia
• Tooth decay, bad breath, body odor
?? Easy to eat, no fishy smell, tastes like Yakult.
?? no sugar
?? Lactose free
?? No animal gelatin
How to eat
- Take 1 sachet after waking up.
- Tastes like Yakult (yogurt flavor)

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