Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)
Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)
Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)
Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)
Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)

Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)

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Nabota Sunyakas (red box 200u)
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Nabota (Nabota TOXIN) is a substance used in injecting a slim face. facial restructuring
wrinkles, crow's feet facial wrinkles The latest from Korea that even the whole country
America also accepts and guarantees the quality of nabotatoxil that it is a slender facial injection
The latest premium grade.
How is NABOTA TOXIN different from other facial injections?
Inject to reduce wrinkles with general slender facial injections.
Usually injecting wrinkles, crow's feet or wrinkles at various points. on our face after injection
Must wait for 5-7 days for results. Wrinkles will gradually disappear. fade away and will last approximately
4-5 months, it will turn back to the original condition, inject a slender face, reduce the size of the V-Shape jaw. with general slender facial injections
The face injection part with a typical slender face injection about 3 weeks after injection or maybe
1 month to begin to see the effect of the change in the face shape and the face will be fully slender about 2-3 months after the injection, and the work time is 6-7 months different. injection to reduce wrinkles as well Nabota Toxin (Nabota Toxin), but the injection to reduce wrinkles with "Nabota" wrinkles, various concerns on the page will gradually fade and fade until you yourself can feel it within the first 30 minutes after injecting wrinkles with Nabota Toxin, injecting a slender face, reducing the size of the V-Shape jaw with Nabota (Nabota Toxin).
As for the injection of a slender face, reducing the size of the jaw, restructuring the V-Shape face with Nabota, the back From doing 10 days - 2 weeks of facial injections, you will feel the change of the face shape that gradually becomes slimmer and smaller until you yourself will be satisfied with the results of Nabota Toxin (Nabota Toxin)
Golden Toxin 98.7% (Golden Toxin 98.7%) Toxin is a natural extracted protein used to reduce wrinkles on the face to make the face look younger without surgery. The change will be seen clearly after injection. within 1 – 3 days
Nabota purity is as high as 98.7%, with high safety.
The treatment results are seen quickly, clearly and the duration lasts longer.
Not resistant to repeated injections like other low-purity Botulinum Toxin
And is used widely in America, Europe and Asia.
Certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand and abroad.



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