Miracle Young Revitalize Health Overall rejuvenation 1 Box 6 Bottle
Miracle Young Revitalize Health Overall rejuvenation 1 Box 6 Bottle
Miracle Young Revitalize Health Overall rejuvenation 1 Box 6 Bottle
Miracle Young Revitalize Health Overall rejuvenation 1 Box 6 Bottle

Miracle Young Revitalize Health Overall rejuvenation 1 Box 6 Bottle

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Miracle Young


Miracle Young

3 exclusive formulas in a single product induce positive changes in the metabolic functions of cells.
Cellular malfunction brings a chain of problems: accumulation of bad proteins that cause part of the cellular damage and consequently is reflected in tissue damage, organic damage, systemic damage, giving way to symptoms that announce diseases, many of them degenerative.


Miracle Young 6th Gen Cellular, is part of the new generation of products of biological origin formulated to minimize unrepaired molecular damage that limits functions and deforms the cell cycle. It is repeated and accumulates increasingly to a greater or lesser degree depending on some factors such as: genetics, lifestyle, diet among many others.


-What is 6th Gen Cellular?

It is the combination of 100% natural pharmaceutical grade organotherapy with the incorporation in its formula of biologically active peptides to enhance its already recognized therapeutic action for the balance of cellular metabolism and adjuvant in metabolic diseases. It balances the metabolism, slows the aging process, and prevents complications associated with metabolic diseases.


-How does it work?

The components of the formula have the ability to improve and balance metabolism, improve cell regeneration, help reduce subclinical inflammation, reduce complications associated with type II diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.


-What are the side or side effects associated with Miracle Young 6th Gen Cellular?

This product has no side effects or contraindications with other medications. It lacks toxic properties due to its 100% natural organic components.

Opotherapeutic Extracts: Embryo, Thymus Gland, Pancreas.
Peptide Extracts: Embryo, Thymus Gland, Pancreas.
Other Actives: Coenzyme A, Resveratrol Trans 3-4-5, Superoxide Dismutase, Glutathione Peroxidase, Glutathione Reductase, Glutathione Transferase, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Malpighia Punicifolia, Indol Methanol, Vinca Minor, Solanum, Lycopen, Ubiquinone, Trihydroxystyl Biloba.

Stabilizers and Excipients.


Indications :
• Overall rejuvenation.
• Revitalize Health.
• Improve physical fitness.
• Improves sex life.
• Improves radiant complexion.
• Improves cellular metabolic function.
• Reduces risks to diabetes and degenerative diseases.
• Reduces risks to liver disease.
• Promotes caloric restriction.
• Reduces the risks to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.
• Assists in combatting general physical and organic aging.
• Helps with sub-clinical inflammation.


Action mechanism for 6th Gen Cellular
The mechanism of action of peptides is similar to that of drugs, since the last three amino acid residues adjacent to the C-terminal region of peptides that have therapeutic activity are strongly linked to the active site where they have a higher inhibition specificity. The biopeptides are protected in brown colour glass vial, to prevent their degradation and seek their best absorption, thus benefiting the percentage of absorption in blood and to achieve this we have incorporated catalysts in each formula, as well as, three amino acids arginine, glycine and aspartic acid to increase the body’s chemical reaction for coupling and subsequent absorption. By incorporating this sequence into the different peptide chains at different positions in the standard formula, it allows new variants both in the negatively charged aspartic acid side chain like arginine, (positively charged). The formula and methods obey an exclusive patent of Miracle Young 6th Gen Cellular products to improve their absorption when they are administered to bind to the target molecule and its therapeutic effect is restored when it reaches its destination.