DENE Fiber Detox Coffee Cleansers Weight Loss Slimming FDA Thai Excrete Diet

DENE Fiber Detox Coffee Cleansers Weight Loss Slimming FDA Thai Excrete Diet

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DENE Fiber Detox Coffee Cleansers Weight Loss Slimming FDA Thai Excrete Diet

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Condition:  New In Packaging

Quantity: 30 sachets / Pack

FDA Thailand : 74-2-03747-2-0147                                    

Product detail & Benefit

Dene Coffee is an instant coffee powder that contains ingredients like “fiber”, a substance that does not give energy to the body. It will vie for space in the digestive tract. Resulting in us feeling full quickly and full for a long time Helps reduce the appetite. It also helps to sweep the dirt from the intestines. This includes fats and food residues as well, and "Garcinia" is a natural extract which is derived from the dried peel of Garcinia Cambogia. Performance Without affecting the central nervous system Therefore ensuring the safety of the body

- Who is suitable for good coffee? Constipation is difficult to take Want to control your weight Dull skin Skin is not bright, skin is not tightened Definitely good coffee, sugar free formula Large envelope, full 22 g.

- mix collagen

- This recipe is sugar-free, low-fat, and cholesterol-free. Use a sweetener instead of sugar. Can people with diabetes eat Along with receiving the mark "Halal" Islam can be eaten.

- Instant coffee blended with fiber and garcinia

- Contains fiber, tamarind extract, okra to help digestive system

- White Kidney Bean Extract

Ingredients : 

Instant coffee /Fiber /White kidney bean extract /Gacinia /Tamarind extract powder.

Suggestion use : 

- 1sachet (with hot water)in the morning after wake up. 

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