Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box
Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box
Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box
Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box
Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box

Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box

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Liztox 100u 30g. 1 Box


Liztox is a high purity clostridium botulinum toxin type A for the correction and prevention of mimic wrinkles. due to the inhibition of signal transmission between muscles and motor nerves The product acts as a myorelaxant and is used for dynamic wrinkle control. The leveling effect of Liztox is achieved by correcting both small and deep wrinkles. when used regularly This product effectively prevents the formation of new folds. Liztox may also be used in the treatment of increased diaphoresis by injection to the lymph nodes (palms, axillas, footsteps). The obvious benefit is the local effect. of drugs at the injection site that corrects cosmetic defects or provides healing (at hyperhydrosis) on the spot without any side effects to the body

Listox's strengths:

High level of product purification (99.8%)
The botulinum toxin product is rapidly metabolized by the body. See results even after 3-7 days of doing it.
The product is safe and has minimal side effects.
By using the micro-papula technique, the product can correct fine wrinkles. the lip area

Scope of Liztox :

Correction of nasolabial folds, forehead, frown lines and neckline
hyperhidrosis treatment
restore smooth skin
fix blepharitis
The beauty effect lasts from 2 to 8 months.

Product ingredients: botulinum toxin type A, human albumin 0.5 mg, sodium chloride 0.9 mg.

Listtox : 100u
Weight : 30g
Volume : 1 bottle 100 units
Manufacturer: Huon's Global Co., Ltd., South Korea



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