Peem Coffee Herbs 39 IN 1 Instant Mix Powder for Healthy (15 Sachet / Pack)

Peem Coffee Herbs 39 IN 1 Instant Mix Powder for Healthy (15 Sachet / Pack)

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Peem Coffee Herbs 39 IN 1 Instant Mix Powder for Healthy (15 Sachet / Pack)

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Product of Thailand
Condition: New
Brand: Peem Coffee
Type: Weight Management
Formulation: Powder 
Gender: Unisex
Size: 15 Sachets / Pack
Quantity: 1 Packs
Weight: 300 g / Packs
Registration number: 10-1-00152-1-0236

3 Main Ingredients
     1. Brazilian coffee varieties well roasted Arabica to smell and taste.
     2. Sucralose instead of sweetness, no calories, not fat, World Health Organization has certified since 1990, no side effects, does not cause cancer, people with diabetes can eat.
     3. Soy cream does not create fat in the blood that causes problems of fat filling in the heart arteries. The severe treatment is to make a balloon or bypass that has a high medical fee of millions of baht. And stroke problems that are the cause of paralysis, paralysis.

10 Herb Ingredients
     1. Ganoderma mushroom helps to detoxify the heavy metal chemicals, help nourish the heart, liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, synovial bones, reduce the accumulated fat in the blood Reduce migraine pain antioxidant and helps balance the body
     2. Goji berries or Goji berries help to nourish the eyes. antioxidant reduce cholesterol in the blood.
     3. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract antioxidant stimulate blood circulation prevent dementia reduce the occurrence of cataracts in the eyes.
     4. Ginseng nourishes and nourishes the blood, balances the body.
     5. Cordyplus solving sexual problems Immune boost and balance the work of various organs In the body to normal.
     6. Cactus Extract Reduce blood lipid levels and triglyceride reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
     7. Moringa extract to lower blood pressure against tumors and cancer, reduce cholesterol levels.
     8. L-Glutathione build immunity for the body eliminate toxins that enter the body stimulate the creation of cells and worn-out DNA
     9. Beta-glucan to resolve osteoarthritis Psoriasis relief Iris inflammation, autoimmune disease, SLE or myocardial infarction
     10. Vitamin B6 prevents kidney stones. Reduce the risk of heart disease causes the body to absorb protein and better fat

5 Groups to help anti-aging and beauty
     1. Collagen from carrots Helps to whiten the aura and smooth skin.
     2. L-Carnitine L-Tate accelerates metabolism and reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body
     3. Garcinia Cambogia Extract helps to lose weight Accelerate fat burning
     4. Chromium finolin helps to break down fat and reduce fat break down sugar into energy
     5. White kidney beans help to break down the starch to be smaller. Until it breaks down into small sugar molecules

Bone, joint, and eye maintenance groups
     1. Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate Helps the body absorb calcium well into the bone mass.
     2. Calcium Amino Acids Is the calcium group that reaches the maximum bone mass of 70-80%
     3. Grape seed extract Help protect the eyes and diseases related to vision prevention and treatment of glaucoma prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis
     4. Lutein helps maintain eyesight and prevent optic nerve damage. Prevent heart disease and blood pressure

Arabica Instant Coffe                     29.3644% 
Non Dairy Creamer Soybean        60.4568% 
Carrot Powder (Collagen)             4.4117% 
White Kidney Bean Extract           0.7500%  
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate                    1.2000%     
Ganoderma Lucidum Extract        0.5000% 
L-Glutathione                                0.4150%       
Cactus Extract                              0.4000%      
Cordyceps Sinensis Extract          0.3660%    
Beta Glucan From Yeast               0.2665%    
Ginseng Extract                            0.3235%           
GarciniCambogiaExtract              0.2941%  
Moringa Powder                           0.2941%           
Gojiberry Extract                          0.2941%           
Ginkgo BilobaExtract                   0.2000%   
Grape Seed Extract                     0.1300%      
Calcium Amino Acid Chelate        0.1470%    
Lutein                                           0.0260%                             
Vitamin B 6                                  0.0065%                       
Sucralose                                    0.0044%                        
Chromium Picolinate                   0.0025%  

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