Prerotic By Medileen Clear toxins Detox system in one 14 Sachets

Prerotic By Medileen Clear toxins Detox system in one 14 Sachets

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Prerotic By Medileen Clear toxins 5 Detox system in one 14 Sachets

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Size : 14 Sachets / Box

Quantity : 1 Box

Product Details

With the innovative detox supplement from head to toe, internal care from the blood system The upper and central intestine system detoxifies the brain, liver, kidneys. 

- 14 days, detox all three parts, Not just the tip of the intestines,  eating food every day, food is absorbed through all three parts of the intestines. (Detox sold in the general market will can only detox the distal intestine).

- 45 days, will detox throughout the body, Clean the liver, kidneys, all gut.

- 60 days, strengthen immunity, detox the blood system to have more oxygen to nourish.

- 90 days, improve all bodily systems (Like a new device boost) and weight loss because of the subsystem and various absorption systems make the body lighter Bad breath, body odor has decreased significantly.

How is our Detox different?

Our detox is not just for constipation and you want to take it. But our detoxification can be eaten continuously because it is a course of continuous nourishment and detoxification. Because it is a detoxification  type without  laxatives. But is a detox that focuses on adjusting the processes of the body to be perfect Expel various waste that adversely affects the body, blood, liver and skin, or even the brain.

Medileen Prerotic Product,  covers the system of the body, delicious taste, easy to eat, does not twist pain, does not make the intestines lazy. DETOX intestines, all 3 parts, beginning - middle – end.

How to eat : Drink before bed every night 90 days according to the program.

The result depends on the individual..

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