2x MEGA WE CARE GLOW COLLAGEN Reduce Age Spots Dark Spots Wrinkles Radiance Skin

2x MEGA WE CARE GLOW COLLAGEN Reduce Age Spots Dark Spots Wrinkles Radiance Skin

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2x MEGA WE CARE GLOW COLLAGEN Reduce Age Spots Dark Spots Wrinkles Whitening

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Product details
Brand :  Mega 
Properties : Reduce wrinkles
Appearance : powder
Size : 30 Sachets / Box
Quantity : 2 Boxes / Set
Registration Number : 11-1-327-32-1-0810

It is known that Healthy skin must be smooth, soft, no wrinkles, no dark spots. Even skin tone, smooth over the face. Normally, the skin is like normal cells. Ie there is growth, wear and tear and new cells are created to replace Which this process will take place requires food Maintenance both outside and inside For us to take good care of your skin. You need to know the structure and function of the skin first.

Skin structure and function
The epidermis (epidermis) is the outer layer of the skin. Keep working to create new cells Then shed old cells Fade out into scurf. In addition, the pigment-producing cells called melanocyte (Melanocyte) are responsible for the pigment (Melanin) located at the bottom of the epidermis.

The dermis is important and accounts for 90% of the total skin structure. Where the dermis consists of collagen Which was found about 70 percent and elastic found about 5 percent, it also consists of nerves, blood vessels, sebaceous glands, glucose, aminoglycans. Which is a collagen binding link Elastic fiber And various components in the dermis layer together Cause moisture If this layer is destroyed, for example, collagen and elastin are destroyed. Will cause wrinkles and wrinkles

The subcutaneous fat layer acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the internal muscles and becomes thinner as we age. This layer is made up of fat cells and lymph vessels.

Collagen and skin care
Our body will have More than 1 in 3 collagen proteins in the body And is the main component of the skin in the body up to 70% and found that it is dense in childhood and will gradually deteriorate over time, with the age of 25 and up, the amount of collagen decreases every year by 1.5%. Which will lead to sagging of the skin Until aging
Collagen is a protein composed of amino acids and is joined together as fibers. Which contributes to the structural strength of the skin and flexibility Resulting in firm skin It is also vital to the cartilage, tendons, walls, blood vessels and other connective tissues in the body.

Factors that cause the degradation of collagen are free radicals caused by sunlight, pollution, cigarettes, contaminants in the food eaten. And hormonal changes Which of these causes affects the skin layer. Causing an imbalance between production And degradation of natural collagen Resulting in wrinkles Sagging facial skin, so the way to bring your skin back to its youth It is to add collagen to the skin.

Collagen Hydrolyzate (Collagen Hydrolysate) nutrients for skin care.
Is a nutrient that has been scientifically processed To get collagen that is shorter in size and length. Which is absorbed well into the body Can be used in the process of building collagen to skin cells.

Truths that should be known in the selection principle of collagen
Many people have doubts about eating collagen, such as is it really good to eat large amounts? The smaller the collagen size, the better? Can eat and nourish both the skin and the truth?

The answer is actually the amount or size of collagen. It doesn't always imply the real benefit. Which in choosing to eat collagen Should consider

It is collagen hydrolyzate because it can be absorbed well into the body.

There is research in real users to be sure that you need to eat. How long To get the desired benefits

Manufacturing standards Should consider choosing a brand that is produced from a manufacturing facility that meets international standards. Because there will be quality control The purity of the raw materials used Contaminant control But if it is a manufacturing factory that does not have quality control To eat large quantities It may not actually work as desired.
Therefore, the choice of eating collagen Should find out more about the type of collagen. Manufacturing standards And research results in real users To ensure long-term eating
Examples of study results of collagen hydrolyzate on the skin
E. Proksch et al. Efficacy study of collagen hydrolyzate (VERISOL?) at 2.5 g daily for 8 weeks compared to 114 women who did not take it in women aged 45-65.

Found that taking VERISOL? 2.5 g. 1 time per day reduces wrinkles. Significantly increases the amount of collagen and elastin.

Recommended eating size
Take 2,500 milligrams per day for 2 months.

The right person to eat
1. People who want to add collagen to the skin
2. People with aging problems

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