FITIVA 50000 (USA) Glutathione Water formula +PLANT CELL 50000 MG.
FITIVA 50000 (USA) Glutathione Water formula +PLANT CELL 50000 MG.
FITIVA 50000 (USA) Glutathione Water formula +PLANT CELL 50000 MG.

FITIVA 50000 (USA) Glutathione Water formula +PLANT CELL 50000 MG.

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FITIVA 50000 (USA) glutathione water formula +PLANT CELL 50000 MG.



Glutathione injection, skin whitening, water formula 50000 mg+Plant Cell, concentrated leavening agent from USA With a mixture of vitamins High Alpha - Lipoic Acid Double Attack that can be absorbed easily and quickly as possible. Super bright white Developed from the old model to help stimulate glutathione in our body. Has worked and increased efficiency, accelerating glutathione in the body to whiten skin The aura appeared clearly. After injection or eating glutathione Combined with a mixture of N-acetyl cysteine, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10 as antioxidants. anti dullness No matter how many shades of skin, it can be defeated. Results of feedback from customers who use FIVITA 50000, whiter skin since the first time using FIVITA 50000, doubled white. From being used only overnight obviously. The results obtained are satisfactory. pigments that cause dullness Come back to whiten up miraculously FIVITA 50000 glutathione accelerating white will be used alone or to be used in conjunction with glutathione. It will increase the efficiency of the work of glutathione doubly. the toxic residues will be expelled to revitalize aging skin Return oxygen to your skin to be strong again. FIVITA 50000 challenge proved overnight. Your skin is white, aura is the most satisfactory. Fivita 50000 (USA) glutathione water formula 50000 mg + Plant Celll new formula glutathione water formula imported from the USA glutathione water formula mixed with vitamins and Co- Q10 with the main ingredient, glutathione, a special type of absorption, 50000 mg, new glutathione water formula mixed with vitamin complexes, absorbed instantly, extremely white It is a speed whitening that works quickly. Combines the value of important skin nutrients and many types of glutathione synergists to act faster, is a new formula, glutathione Selenium to 100 Micro g, supplemented with N-Acetyl Cyteien 1000 mg.

main component

- Glutathione+Plant Cell 50000 mg- Acetyl Cyteien 1000 mg - Vitamin C 2000 mg- Selenium 100 Micro g- High ALA 600 mg- Hya 750 mg- Co-Q10 500 mg.

Package size : 5ml X 8 Vials How to use : IV IM 1/Week


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