Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)

Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)

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Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)

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Suay Zaab Taro with Filorga Laboratoires Paris
Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 500,000mg (France)
White, clear, aura, bouncing, firm, smooth
Like silk with concentrated extraction
From 500,000mg of fresh glutathione, it helps to exfoliate old, burnt skin cells. dull from the sun Accelerate the creation of new skin cells that are smooth. softer than before Combined with antioxidants (Anti-Oxidant) 50,000 mg inhibits the function of pigment. By inhibiting the activity of Tyrosinase enzyme, making the skin white by inhibiting the process of melanin production. Antioxidant and helps to prevent the deterioration of cells Add moisture to the skin and prevent wrinkles as well, and the mild acid in tomatoes helps to clean the pores thoroughly and make them smaller. Reduce wrinkles very well. and help make the skin smooth and fine, balancing the skin Suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin. Evening Primrose Oil reduces allergic reactions, rashes, prevents water loss, accelerates skin whitening, combines quickly, damages free radicals, reduces wrinkles, slows down the deterioration of skin cells from sunlight. Protects against free radical damage Changes from the first injection of Filorga Cleopatra Glutathione 500,000mg, answering all skin problems, dullness, dark spots, freckles, to come back to be a beautiful woman 2,000 years old again, beautiful, precious, like Cleopatra.
• Fresh Glutathione 500,000mg
• Plus Vit C+Q10+Collagen+Grape Seed+Mixed Berry 50,000mg
• Evening Primrose Oil 1,000 mg.

Store at room temperature, away from light.

Packing size : 5 vials
How to use :: Inject into a vein or muscle, 1 needle at a time, 1-2 times a week (this one doesn't have to be very frequent to see results, but if you really want to be white, you can inject urine). Reduced to 1-2 injections per month


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