4x HERRMETTO PLUS Hair Vitamins Hair Fix Grow Hair Loss Strong Root Hair For Men

4x HERRMETTO PLUS Hair Vitamins Hair Fix Grow Hair Loss Strong Root Hair For Men

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4x HERRMETTO PLUS Hair Vitamins Hair Fix Grow Hair Loss Strong Root Hair For Men

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Condition: New

Size: 30 Capsule / Bottle (1 box can be eaten for 1 month)

Net weight 16.384 g.

Quantity : 4 Bottles / Set

FDA registration number: 11-1-01757-5-0146

Product details

Solve the problem of hair loss, hair loss, bald head

Clear results in 4 months.

Should be used continuously for a full 4 months

HERRMETTO Dietary Supplement Product (Hair Supplement for men) HERRMETTO O & P brand dietary supplements nourish hair from the inside out. To solve the problem of hair loss, hair thinning, baldness invented especially for men. Both causes of hereditary hair loss It is also effective for non-hereditary hair loss causes such as stress, illness, chemical hair loss. Or harming your hair in different ways

HERRMETTO helps hair grow new. With concentrated extract from Millet + Pomegranate, experience The hair is clearly thicker in 4 months, it seems that I have returned to my age again.

HERRMETTO number 1 in the minds of men in hair care. Which has been trusted by more than thirty thousand people both in Thailand and abroad Proven results in 4 months. Hermetto, nutritional supplements O&P brand, hair nourishment, vitamins, hair transplant, hair transplant drug, hair transplant, real drug, male hair growth drug.

HERRMETTO with a convenient method, not complicated, suitable for men who use daily life in a hurry, easily, just take 1 tablet per day only, making your hair darker. Better-looking personality fills happiness and confidence And future opportunities

HERRMETTO is produced with slow-break production technology, the nutrients are gradually broken down so that the absorption into the body takes more time. Compared to conventional products, it is excreted in the urine in a few hours and only 2% of the actual use is absorbed by the body thanks to slow decomposition technology for better results. Reduce the loss of excretion from the body And helps keep the nutrients in the body constant throughout the day and night The body will absorb 8-10 times better than conventional products, resulting in better results until noticeable.

HERRMETTO helps hair grow new, strong and healthy. With concentrated extract from Millet + Pomegranate by millet extract, rich in amino acids. Thus stimulating hair regrowth and extending the life of the hair, anagen phase, and has excellent anti-hair loss potential. Because hair is a key component of keratin (keratin), which is made up of amino acids. Therefore, amino acids are important for good hair health.

HERRMETTO with main extracts from Pomegranate are plant nutrients. Or phytonutrient (Phytonutrient) that has been patented extracts in Europe. Which contains polyphenols (polyphenols) containing resveratrol (resveratrol) and flavonoids (flavonoids) that help prevent hair loss and help restore androgen hair by fighting free radicals. Reduce the production or secretion of sebum

HERRMETTO with leading manufacturing standards With personnel with high knowledge and experience To provide products that are valuable and useful to consumers.

Accredited with international HACCP for food supplement production from the BSI Group.

• International GMP certification for the production of nutritional supplements from the BSl Group (GMP; Good Manufacturing Practice: Good Manufacturing Practice) is a testament to the efficacy, safety, stability and suitability of each extract. To make the hair grow better as well

• For good results. Should be used continuously for 4 months ***

• How to eat (Direction): Take 1 capsule per day (Take 1 capsule daily.)

• Storage method: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius (Store away from direct sunlight. Heat and humidity.).

• Children and pregnant women should not eat.

• Should eat a wide variety of food for 5 food groups in the appropriate proportions on a regular basis.

• Contains a damp proof bag

• No effect in preventing or treating disease.


Be careful not to get in your eyes

After using there is an allergic reaction Should stop using and see a doctor.

Do an allergy test before use (by taking the product Label the back of the ear and leave it for about 1 hour and rinse)

Always wear gloves every time you use the product.


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