EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box
EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box
EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box
EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box
EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box

EVGENIS Regeneration Pack 1 Box

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EVGENIS Regeneration Pack

EVGENIS Regeneration Pack

EVGENIS Regeneration Pack (Whitening + StemCell)
See results from the first time, by inhibiting melanin pigment (Melanin Inhibit Factor)!!!
Whiter immediately after injection. Complete with stem cells in the box

- WHITENS whiter immediately after injection
- REJUVENATIONS Rejuvenating the skin again without pain.
- BODY CONTOURING, the skin of the body is firm and firm
- SKIN RADIANCE helps to nourish the skin. Slow down the deterioration of the skin caused by sunlight. and anti-oxidant

••• Help with smoothness.
••• Reduces the process of pigmentation. (hyper-pigmentation) from sun exposure It makes the skin white from the strong skin, more resistant to sunlight (for those who are dark from the sun. This will help a lot.)
Protects skin from UVA/UVB which causes dull skin, freckles, dark spots for 10-12 hours.
••• Help with weak skin or SEB DERM (smooth, weak, sensitive and itchy skin).

Both SKN and SKR have clinical studies confirming their effectiveness, and they provide consumers with automatic insurance (as observed on the bottle cap) to ensure they are completely safe.
The difference between the two is that SKR contains more collagen ingredients. This will help with increased skin tightness.
Prevents the formation of intrinsic melanin by attacking the underlying melenin pigment MIF, while whitening and liposomal factor vitamin C lightens freckles and scars.


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