Maxma-Plus Supplements Natural Herbal Men Enhance Performance 60 capsules

Maxma-Plus Supplements Natural Herbal Men Enhance Performance 60 capsules

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Maxma-Plus Supplements Natural Herbal Men Enhance Performance 60 capsules

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Condition : New
Size : 60 Capsules / Bottle
Quantity : 1 Bottle
Registration registration number FDA 74-1-19858-1-0008

Product details
Maxma Plus Male Supplements Made from herbs For men with problems Is a product extracted from pure natural herbs From different countries, helping men become more confident that your penis will be strong and work efficiently. Maxma Plus is selected from herbs from all over the world. Good quality products can be felt to change the difference.

Important components
Extract from the tank rent 130.00 mg.
L-Arginine 100.00 mg
Ginseng extract 80.00 mg
Oyster Extract 50.00 mg
Beta-Glucan from Brewers Gene 30.00 mg.
Krachai Dam extract 30.00 mg
Black pepper extract 20.00 mg
Dietary supplements (Magma brand) are products that can help enhance sexual performance for men quickly. See results immediately after use

Tomato extract - Lycopene in tomato helps blood circulation. Makes the blood vessels strong Foreign countries prefer to use this substance to treat heart disease patients. With Lycopene having 10 times more anti-oxidants than vitamin E when the blood is good Therefore better skin Another advantage is Helps reduce prostate cancer Which directly affects male hormones

Beta-Glucan from Brewer Yeast-Beta Glucan is derived from black yeast extract. Has special properties to help increase immunity to the body Stimulate the production of white blood cells Often used in cancer patients who are exposed to light The body will recover quickly. In terms of sexuality, restoring the body to be fit And relieve fatigue

Kaempferia black extract - helps nourish Accelerate the production of sex hormones And adjust the hormonal balance

Ginseng extract - focusing on strength And nourish the body as well

Oyster extract - helps with blood circulation

Black pepper extract - This is usually in the drug to reduce fat because it accelerates the metabolism of fat in the body. Helps adjust the function of the intestinal system Antioxidants

How to eat
1 capsule per day with warm water before going to bed

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