Sidegra 50 mg. Good Supplement Sex Thai
Sidegra 50 mg. Good Supplement Sex Thai
Sidegra 50 mg. Good Supplement Sex Thai

Sidegra 50 mg. Good Supplement Sex Thai

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Sidegra 50 mg.


Quality = 1 Pcs = 4 Tablets


in diabetic Can be eaten without adjusting the dose.
In patients with renal impairment, CICr is less than 30 ml per second, starting at 25 mg.
in patients with pancreatic insufficiency and moderate, the dose must be adjusted down to 1 in 4 Therefore, consult a doctor.

drug side effects

have since no effect Feeling hot and heart beating fast (which is a normal symptom of the drug effect)
but if you feel a headache or blurry vision (symptoms will be between 3-6 hours)
It is recommended to reduce the dose by half, such as taking 1 tablet, then breaking it in half (in some cases it can be reduced to 1 in 4 tablets) or replacing another brand of medication.
(Side effects depend on the user which drug they use. depending on the user's physical condition, age and routine)
(It is recommended to try to order a trial of 1 tablet. If you are okay with any of them, you can order as a panel. Although the main drug is the same, but there are other ingredients of each company that give different results.)

effective drug use
1. Take half to 1 hour before sexual intercourse, before or after meals (for those who have never used, it is recommended to take half a pill before within 1 After watching, the result is not seen, gradually follow another half pill)
(For drugs such as cialis apcalis should be taken 1-3 hours before and should be taken after meals)
2. Do not take alcohol because it will make the drug absorb less and reduce the effectiveness of the drug by half. (If necessary, it is recommended to take after the drug has taken effect)
3. If it is a tablet, you should take water accordingly. Do not swallow pills without drinking water (fruit juice, coffee, anything else is no problem except alcohol).