BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets
BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets
BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets
BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets
BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets

BIG PENIS-9 l 1 box contains 12 tablets

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Specification : 6800mg x 3 capsules WER. : 1 box contains 12 tablets

SYS BEST Big PENIS-9 mand U.S.A. male sexual stimulant According to the research and experiment of American professors, the orgasm time for men and women is different. Men can reach orgasm once they ejaculate. However, women need longer time to strongly stimulate and persistent pass-ionate exercises. Normally, 68% of women need 8 minutes to reach orgasm in average, and 45% of them need 12 minutes to achieve. Unfortunately, above 75% of men will fail to control themselves within 3-6 minutes caused their strong desire for sex. Then they will findthems elves incapable and not able to satisfy the desire to passion by women, totally disappointing women.
Main ingredients
Panax notoginseng-smoothes the shortness of breath, spleen and lung gets better, against palpitations, shor tness of breath coughing, no appetite, empty cough asthma, less food deficiency. crude
Polysaccharide -crude polysaccharide's effect is very high, Li Shizhen said: it contains nourishing vitamins, like a power of a bull. Very good for liver and kidney, the main effect is on rheumatism, if regularly take this product human body gets light, people will feel easiness.
Ginseng -Ginseng is one of valuable herbs in Chinese medicine, gives strength, vitality, there are a lot of medical values of ginseng. Best for less food defici ency, weakness, weak spleen and if men's power in minimum
Poria -helps body feel comfortable, natural breathing ventilation gets back to work, supports the medicine which is focused on treating specially functions of the liver and spleen. It has a benefit that helps with anticancer, easy to drink water and best for spleen, heart function
Usage and dosage : with special effect 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse by taking one capsule.
Precautions: 1.
it is not allowed to exceed the specified amount for quick results.
In case of frequent erection or keeping erection without ejaculation occurred after taking, it can be solved by drinking some cold water,
It is not allowed to take repeatedly within 24 hours
Storage: sealed preservation Specification: 6800mg x 3 capsules