AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box
AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box
AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box
AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box
AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box
AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box

AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box

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AXO Glass Skin Booster FDA Thai Pink Box


Axo Glass Skin Booster, the newest developed formula, Chanel Series 3
The number 1 skin booster in Korea 😇 #Chanel, shiny skin, like a Korean mirror.
Add luster Increase radiance richer than before See results quickly, safe, has the FDA in Korea and Thailand.
(Registration number 1026600035963) contains 3ml / vial (100% MADE in Korea)
How to use: Apply to facial skin regularly morning and evening.

From the original manufacturer ... more is a more concentrated blend of ingredients.
Restore skin with concentrated HA formula combined with Multivitamin and over 64 types of antioxidants (from the original 59 types).

✅ Add moisture to the skin. The face is extremely shiny and shiny. Glow skin plays with light
✅ Helps in treating acne scars and tightening pores.
✅ Helps stimulate the skin to create collagen.
✅ Reduces skin inflammation, reduces acne and irritation.
✅ Helps brighten the skin. Reduce dark spots
✅ Reduce premature wrinkles.
✅ Increases skin tightness and helps tighten the skin.
✅ Helps heal scars

Solve skin problems and boost your skin with 3 steps...

1. HYDROLYZED YEAST EXTRACTS : Yeast extract Helps clean deeply. Open the skin to receive nutrients.
2. FUNCTIONAL PEPTIDES, Amino Acid, Multivitamin, HA and EGF :
Helps improve skin elasticity Make the skin tight and firm. Add moisture The skin therefore looks more shiny and shiny.
3. Glutathione adds whiteness and clarity. Make your skin glow naturally.

Analysis of each ingredient of AXO GLASS SKIN BOOSTER

1. Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein contains essential amino acids and small peptides. Serves to deeply clean the skin, clean pores, and helps balance the skin's PH. Makes the skin absorb nutrients better.

2.Hyaluronic acid helps increase moisture. Replenishes water in your skin. It has many benefits for the skin, such as reducing wrinkles and improving dryness of the skin, tightening it, making pores look smoother, and the skin glowing.

3. 15 types of peptides (FUNCTIONAL PEPTIES) help reduce artificial inflammation, soothe the skin, make it strong, and adjust the skin color evenly. and reduce wrinkles

4. 18 types of amino acids (Amino Acids) are involved in the process of creating protein structures that are connected together. which helps make the skin stronger
Smooth the skin Reduce wrinkles. Come back tight and firm.

5. 10 types of vitamins (Multi-Vitamins) such as vitamin E and vitamin C. that helps retain natural oils within the skin Prevents dryness and keeps your skin strong and healthy from within.

6. Growth factors (EGF) help build tissue to replace damaged skin cells, including creating new skin cells. Stimulate the creation of collagen It acts to heal wounds and bring damaged skin back to normal. Fill in acne holes Make the skin smooth again.

7. Glutathione (Glutathione) reduces oxidative stress in the body to improve your overall skin, resulting in
Skin is brighter and brighter. Skin color looks more even. Ready to help reduce redness and dark spots.