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ASCE+ SRLV Lypophilized Powder is another outstanding exosome product with the world-class ExoSCRT extraction innovation technology to separate pure exosomes. It is extracted from the ExoCoBio lab only in Korea. This is suitable for people with sensitive skin, gentle skin as well.

Extracted with an innovative 11-step process that has been patented, the world-class innovation, ExoSCRT, makes the substance have a small molecule. It can be absorbed into the skin quickly. high efficiency
suitable for sensitive skin and helps tighten pores Increase moisture, elasticity and make your face healthy and clear from the tired face from stress to look bright again.
ASCE+ SRLV strengthens damaged skin Adjust the skin to look younger. and revitalize new skin
Create a barrier for the skin, preventing the return of dullness and dullness, which is more difficult than before.
Plus, this one also has SRLV Diluent to stimulate the work of Lypophilized Powder to be more effective. Because it will increase the absorption of the skin.

Therefore, ASCE+ stands out for skin rejuvenation. Make your skin healthy. After being healthy various facial skin problems will be better accordingly both about tightening pores The face is full, moisturized, radiant. Anyone who injects it will have healthy skin. serum filling time

The popular ASCE+ SRLV from Korea Make great skin work Restore all skin problems. and nourish the skin to be juicy and glowing like Korean people
ASCE+ is the first company to launch Exosome in the market. It is known as the exosome agitator.
which is a substance with 100% purity and a concentration of up to 970,000 ppm
It can promote the secretion of all 6 types of growth factors, namely EGF / VEGF / IGF / KGF / GDF11 / TIMP2.

Packed with GDF11, which has been recognized and published in scince magazine 2014 as "Rejuvinating Cell".

Increase fibroblast regeneration by 150%

Increase skin elasticity 50 times

Increase Type I collagen 5 times

3 times more collagen type III

Has a wound healing effect increased by 1.8 times.

Gives results in reducing acne, reducing dark spots, reducing redness, adjusting skin tone regularly. Restore the skin to make the skin come back to be full and firm. smooth and firm like baby skin again