Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)
Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)
Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)
Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)

Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)

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Art S line (5vials x 10ml/box)


The latest innovation to reduce fat + tighten the skin!!! for sustainable results and permanently within a short time You can see the results clearly from the first time. Consistently lost 1-3 inches of fat in 2 weeks.

✅ No exercise required
✅ No pain / no burning / no swelling
✅ Does not cause allergic reactions
✅ Not drug resistant
✅ 💯% SAFE
✅ Chemical free
✅ Preservative free

How to use Art-S Line (Intensive Solution)
Art-S Line is a liquid type that can be used to inject fat on the face and all parts of the body.
Such as cheekbones, chin, upper arms - legs, abdomen, calves, wings, arms, the amount of injection depends on the fat of the individual. and the discretion of the experts
Because Art-S Line contains mainly natural ingredients. Therefore, it can be injected in large and unlimited quantities. which the injection area will be firmer, smaller, clearly visible from the first time

Post-injection care Art-S Line
1. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day for 2 weeks to stimulate the excretion.
2. Massage the area that can be injected normally.
3. Abstain from fermented food and alcohol for at least 1 week.
4. Steam, stream/sauna as usual.
5. You should strictly follow the instructions of your doctor.

It should be under the supervision of a specialist. for the most effective results and injected at the actual fat point



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