ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)
ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)
ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)
ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)
ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)

ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)

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ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP (10bottle/box)


ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP, the ultimate for healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin.

The best of healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin.
The latest injectable plant placenta. Brighten skin and treat wrinkles urgently. Reversing skin age and health up to
15 years of innovation for the future for you too Precious Patents and Awards Used products that actually see results
In the matter of white skin with aura and miraculously treat wrinkles Which sees results very quickly and is safe
100 percent with the highest concentration of plant placenta and multivitamins to repair the skin to the deep layers
The best results can be seen within the first dose. It is popular among celebrities all over the world.
How to inject: One injection every 3 days.
Packing size :1 box contains 10 bottles x 4ml (Live plant extracts)

Arco PP TSR Rejuvenating Plant Placenta from USA contains components of ....Plant placenta that has outstanding skin whitening properties without any wrinkles ... give you a new skin today this set there are 10 tubes, one beautiful set...

An image of a skin that miraculously changes shades.

• Acro PP TSR: Rejuvenating Plant Placenta •

Nowadays, in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmeceuticals Extracts from animal placenta and human placenta have been used as ingredients in the production of medicines. This is because a large number of studies have come out confirming the many properties of animal placenta and human placenta that are beneficial to overall health, helping to maintain health from the inside out. Whether it is a feature to stimulate the creation of new cells. Helps strengthen the cells within the body by increasing the amount of oxygen. and increase the efficiency of protein synthesis within the skin layer The properties of these animal placenta and human placenta make the user feel healthy body Bright and glowing skin

Arco PP TSR is an extract from plant placenta (plant placenta) through a modern production process. to maintain the same properties as animal placenta extracts whether it stimulates the creation of new cells increasing the amount of oxygen to the cells Including optimizing the process of protein synthesis within the body.


In addition to plant placenta extract as the main ingredient, Arco PP TSR also contains a blend of premium grade amino acids and glutathione that provide good results for the body as follows:

Help restore skin health.
reduce wrinkles and wrinkles
strengthening the structure of various cells within the body
Strengthen overall physical health
Quickly whitens the skin and has a pinkish-blended skin tone. natural pores The layer of the skin will fully absorb moisture and help with wrinkles and scars on the face to fade and brighten. All of this requires glutathione (GSH), which is found in high amounts in ARCO PP TSR.
excrete toxins from the body It happens naturally in the form of GSH, which makes you healthier. Have a beautiful and firm shape
ARCO PP TSR (Total Skin Rejuvenation) was invented and researched in Switzerland.
Made in USA and is FDA approved under strict pharmaceutical standards.
USP (U.S. PHARMACOPEIA Quality Standards) certified quality purity and being a potent extract and undergoes a rigorous USP manufacturing process.
Using registered genetic editing technology (biological engineering) and a registered Direct Fermentative Method.
ARCO-PP is a product with high safety. And it can be used in conjunction with MFIII very well or even other supplements as well.
Arco PP Total Skin Rejuvenation is a patented FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved manufacturing process that uses state-of-the-art technology to extract plant stem cells and keep them alive. (bio-active extracts), which these plant stem cells help strengthen the body. from inside to outside By stimulating the creation of new healthy cells, plant extracts also have special properties to care and nourish the skin as well.

Results that are good for skin health include:
healthy skin
healthy skin
Radiant, charming skin

Plant Placenta VS Human Placenta
Biochemical research has revealed the results of a comparison of the major components between plant placenta and human placenta.

Contains similar amounts of amino acids and peptides. which amino acids and peptides act as catalysts

natural cell development process



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Some of the most important amino acids. Plant Tissue Human Placenta
Proline -hydroxyproline couple + aspatric acid 8 812 237
Diamine acids 133 87
Sulfur amino acids >10 14
Lucine/isoleucine couple 128 70
(The table expresses them in residue per thousand.)

How to use: 1 bottle every 3 days by intramuscular injection. (Intra-Mascular)
Contents: One box contains 4 ml of Arco PP TSR, 10 bottles.