4x COLLAKENKO Plus CK Fish Collagen Peptide Nourish Knee Bone Osteoarthritis

4x COLLAKENKO Plus CK Fish Collagen Peptide Nourish Knee Bone Osteoarthritis

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4x Collakenko Powder Fish Collagen Peptide Calcium Nourish Knee Bone Osteoarthritis

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Condition: New

Brand : Collakenko

Type Collagen : Powder

Net weight: 5.10 mg / Sachet

Size for big box : 15 Sachets / Box

Size for small box : 5 Sachets / Box

Quantity : 4 Big Boxes & Get free 1 Small Box (Total receive 65 Sachet)

Concerns: Fish Collagen Peptide Plus CK Calcium Nourish Knee Bones Osteoarthritis L-Threonate, (Dietary Supplement Product)

Gender: Unisex

MPN: 74-1-01357-5-0063

Expiration Date: 2 Years after manufacture

Time to eat: Eat after the first meal.

Direction: Stir 1 sachet in 150ml. of water until well mixed, drink daily with breakfast.

Ingredients 1 Sachet                                         Net wt.(mg.)                %

Fish Collagen Peptide                                         2,733.150                 53.59

Fish Collagen Peptide                                         1,171.350                 22.97

Calcium L-threonate                                            950.000                 18.63

Shark Cartilage Powder                                     100.000                   1.96

Rose Hips Extract                                                   50.000                   0.98

Type II Collagen                                                      40.000                   0.78

Ascorbic Acid (100%)                                           30.000                    0.59

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20%                           15.000                    0.29

Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) (0.2%)            10.000                    0.20

Vitamin D3 (100000 IU/g.)                               0.500                      0.01

                                                                                  5100.000                100.00

Packaging: 1 box contains 28 sachets (5.1 Grams / sachet), white sachets and gray white boxes.

Collakenko is a health food supplement. Helps in the matter of the bones, ligaments, joints of the bones knee problems that occur in daily activities such as going up and down stairs. 

Key extracts:

1. Collagen Type 1 (Type 1 Collagen)

2. Collagen Type 2 (Type 2 Collagen)

3. Shark Cartilage Powder

4. Calcium L-Theonate (Calcium L-Triionate)

5. Rosehip Extract (Rosehip)

6. Zine (Amino Chelate 20%)

7. Vitamin D3

8. Vitamin C

9. Vitamin K2


• Contains 9 extracts.

• Enhance the absorption efficiency 100%, no residue.

• Extra Density For bone mass

• Help take care of knee problems more than before. Especially knee pain

• Eat after the first meal.

100% absorbed, no residue

• Better knee pain

• Knees do not have a bomb grab.

• Move the body more easily.

• Do activities that use the knee longer.

• Strengthen bone density.

• Take care of every problem "knee joint"

Collakenko plus CK
• Collagen Peptide from fish - From South America. Strengthening bone tissue
• Collagen Type 2 - From USA. Reduce knee pain
• Shark Cartilage Powder - From Japan. Reduce inflammation and joint pain
• Calcium L-Theonate (Calcium L-Triionate) - From China. Prevents osteoporosis.
• Rosehip Extract - From China. Nourishes the knees and skin.
• Zinc Amino Chelate 20% - From USA. Help strengthen bones
• Vitamin D3 - From Switzerland. Reduce bone fracture
• Vitamin K2 - From Natto Belgium. Build bone density prevent osteoporosis
• Vitamin C - From China. Help in the absorption of collagen 100%.
Collagen Type I
Collagen is found in various components of the body, skin, hair, nails, organs, bones and tendons, improving skin elasticity.
Collagen Type II
will help repair the wear and tear of the components in the joint. By stimulating the synthesis of new cells to increase Also contributes to increasing bone density and build collagen tissue of the cartilage ligament. It increases the level of hyaluronic acid. Which is a component of the nourishing fluid in the joints and can help reduce joint and joint pain, improving the movement of the body. 
Benefit :
Helps to strengthen joints and bones.
Helps to alleviate knee pain, osteoarthritis symptoms
Knee pain, knees tingling while going up and down stairs, sitting - sitting, sound in the knee joint in the bone
Makes it possible to engage in activities various movements can be improved up - down the steep stairs, rise - sit up smoothly.
Contributes to the relief of "osteoporosis".
Helps to nourish the skin, smooth and firm.
The main components
1. Fish Collagen Peptide : It is collagen extracted from the springleagle fish regale. Raised in a lake in South America that is classified as premium quality water under international standards. Therefore providing type 1 collagen which has a high content of 95% protein through digestion, making it smaller than 1,000 Daltons, making it easier to absorb which will help strengthen the tissues around the skin, bones, ligaments and internal organs
2. Calcium L-Threonate : Calcium that the body can absorb up to 95% compared to other calcium. Helps to strengthen bones and teeth Reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis Buckling And easily broken bones
3. Rose Hip : Rose extract from the Rosana line. Which will help to supplement and treat and prevent vitamin C deficiency Has an antioxidant value that is 25 times higher than foreigners. Vitamin C, in addition to enhancing the immune system of the body Reduce allergy symptoms Also helps to create and maintain collagen levels Helps to reduce pain from arthritis. Antioxidants Slowing and preventing cell degeneration
4. Collagen type II : Collagen is found in cartilage cells in the joints and spinal herniation. Which serves to support the weight and give strength to the joints while moving, helping to repair the wear and tear of the components in the joints By stimulating the creation of new cells Helps to reduce pain and inflammation of the joints. Help increase the level Hyaluronic acid Which is a component of the water nourished in Can prevent or delay the occurrence of
5. Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20% : There is a need for protein synthesis. And create collagen And is also important for hormonal and enzyme functions such as antioxidants Bone and teeth formation process
6. Vitamin D3 : Helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Is important in the formation of bones and teeth and normal growth.
7. Shark Cartilage : Contains protein Collagen substances in the glycosaminoglycans. Rich in calcium and phosphorus
8. Vitamin K2 : Build bone density prevent osteoporosis.
9. Vitamin C : Help in the absorption of collagen 100%.
Key ingredient
- Collagen Peptide Produced by the process of degradation. The molecular size is smaller than 1,000 times, well absorbed into the body.
- Type 2 collagen (Type II) increases the level of hyaluronic acid Which is a component of the water nourished in Inhibit the enzyme that degrades the water.
- Shark cartilage contains protein Collagen substances in the glycosaminoglycans. Rich in calcium and phosphorus.
- Calcium L-Threonate has the properties of maximum absorption. The body absorbs up to 95% compared to other types of calcium.
Relieve pain, sore knees
Helps to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
Helps to reduce the breakdown of bone mass.
Add water to the knee for better movement
Relieve locking fingers
Relieve back pain
Enjoy Collakenko Plus CK with :
1. Juice
2. Honey with Lemon
3. Salad
4. Coffee
5. Yoghurt
6. Soup
Has been certified HACCP and GMP (Codex) from Office of Certification Body, (OCB) Thailand Institute of Scientitic and Technological Research (TISTR)
No effect in the prevention or treatment of diseases
Warning :
- Children and pregnant women or who are breastfeeding should not take the card.
- Not suitable for patients with heart disease and those who are recovering from surgery
- Should eat a variety of foods, 5 groups in appropriate proportions regularly
- No effect on prevention or treatment of diseases Information for food intolerances that contain fish products.

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