G-HERB CAPSULE 1 Herbal Supplement For LymPhatic Nourishment 60 Capsules

G-HERB CAPSULE 1 Herbal Supplement For LymPhatic Nourishment 60 Capsules

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G-HERB CAPSULE 1 Herbal Supplement For LymPhatic Nourishment 60 Capsules

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Description : New

Size : 60 capsule

Quantity : 1 pc.

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G-Herb Cappsule 1   is Natural Herbs Supplement Formulated by Dr. Sommai Tongprasert Former Surgeon Siriraj, who is great Doctor alternative cancer treatment medicine in Thailand for over 40 years.

 "I think The Lymphatic System is necessary. Lymph is a substance in the immune system. And White blood cells, as does bacteria. If Good Lymph is a Body Good"

The results of scientific research Experiment in animals and Using real treat patients. Recognized overseas. The Organization of Pharmacy led by Dr. Krisana Kraisintu has tested and certified that the organization has.

"G-Herb herbs can help in the treatment of cancer with Lymphatic Nourishment."

Therefore ...

Once we know this, Do not let the opportunity slip Treatment.

During a patient is waiting for Modern Medicine Treatment. Let's Herbal G-Herb To Treatment.

- The G-Herb helps to cut supply routes to put food diet.

Cultured cancer cells, As a result, the cancer cells stopped growing

And finally collapsed The lump collapsing. What patients

Overall, symptoms will return better when the tumor collapse.

To release from nerve compression or decompression of.

Toms organs side

- The G-Herb to treat lymphatic waste. Stimulate the body to produce

White blood cells Species killer (NK Cells) to destroy.

And get rid of germs, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells.

The blood, thus allowing the cancer cells to stop the spread.

Other organs, thereby helping to maintain a hassle more than this.

The cancer cells in the bloodstream, it tends to decrease as well.

Active Ingredients:

    Ammannia bacciferous - The fresh have been used in skin diseases as a rubefacient and as an external remedy for ringworm and parasitic skin affection.

    Canna indica - A flowering decorative plant commonly found in many areas of Thailand. It enhances the lungs, prevents nausea and efficiently treats coughing up blood.

    Mallotus philippinensis - There is a medical purpose for every part of this perennial that grows to 12 meters (nearly 40 feet).

    Clinacanthus nutans - Contains Lupeol and Beta sitostrrol.

    Polygala chinensis - Rare.

    Acanthus ebracteatus - Found primarily at the waterline and banks of canals and rivers.

    Clinacanthus siamensis - Found in lowlands.

    Premna herbacea

“G-Herb Capsule 1” is registered with, licensed by, and approved for production by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health’s Food and Drug  Administration (FDA).

 Herbal Product of The Thailand Ministry of Public Health's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration in no: G 75/55.

Suggested Use:

1. For stimulating the immune system  Takes 2-3 Capsules 30 Minutes before meal. 2 Times a day

2. For healing sickness:

First Week:  Takes 3 Capsules 30 Minutes before a meal. 3 Times a day

After First Week: Takes 6 Capsules 30 Minutes before a meal. 3 Times a day

Note: Why should less dose in the first week? The lymphatic system is stimulated to work better.  The lymphatic system to handle dirt, Unknown chemical carcinogens, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and excreted normally excreted in the breath, sweat, urine, feces. Thus, there may be some of you who are in the early stages. Symptoms may occur Frequent urination, may be a rash, runny nose.  

(This group has about 5-10% of people who start taking) If these symptoms. Do not panic !! It is a condition where the body was driving out waste. This reaction is a good reviewed the 4-7 days it will abate as usual.  

Review and continued for at least 3-4 months to see the changes and should take control of at least 3-5 years.

Note: For good performance should be Concurrent with your doctor treat.

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