6” Thai Dessert Mold Lod Chong Maker Traditional Sweets Green Pasta Coconut Milk

6” Thai Dessert Mold Lod Chong Maker Traditional Sweets Green Pasta Coconut Milk

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Thai Traditional Dessert LOD CHONG Maker Mold Cendol Jelly Noodles Mold Cookware

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Condition: Brand New

Type: Rice LOD CHONG Making Mold

Material: Stainless Steel

Shape: Round

Color: Silver

Diameters : 12.50cm (5 inches)

Hegiht: 14.cm (5.5 inches)

Quantity: 1 Mold Pot with Pressing Handle

Enjoy Making Your Own LOD CHONG, Thai Dessert 

with Coconut Milk & Palm Sugar Syrup

Anytime at Home!

Why go around looking for rare LOD CHONG to buy when you can make your own Thai Traditional LOD CHONG at Home by this item; Thai Traditional Dessert LOD CHONG Maker Mold Cendol Jelly Noodle Mold Cookware, a special mold design for making  LOD CHONG!

Lod Chong(in Thai) is Thai traditional iced sweet dessert which contains droplets of green rice  Flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugay syrup. 

In Indonesia, Cendol refers to the green rice flour jelly; while the concoction of that green rice flour jellies with coconut milk, shaved ice, areca palm sugar and sometimes diced jackfruit is called es cendol (in West Java) or dawet (in Central and East Java).

LOD CHONG or CENDOL is commonly found in Southeast Asia countries and is popular in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, and East Timor. Besides the green jelly or Lod Chong, additional toppings might be added, including diced jackfruit, sweetened red azuki bean, or durian.  

With this mold, Thai Traditional Dessert LOD CHONG Maker Mold Cendol Jelly Noodle Mold Cookware you can make LOD CHONG (the green jelly noodles by extruding the resulting dough through the Mold into boiling water (as shown in our pictures)

Thai Traditional Cookware for make LOD CHONG (Cendol in coconut milk) is a Thai recipe cookware. It made from stainless. It used for making LOD CHONG Thai dessert.  It is a special stainless pot with lots of hole at the bottom. It is used to create LOD CHONG that are in line shape . Lod Chong’s size is thicker and short. Therefore, the hole of Lod Chong is bigger than the Sarim’s.

Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong - One more delicious Thai dessert which delicious and not difficult to make.

Coconut milk
1. 250 grams palm sugar
2. 1 Tsp. Salt
3. 800 ml. Coconut Milk
4. 1 scented candle

Lod Chong
1. 130 grams Rice Flour
2. 80 grams Arrowroot Fiour
3. 30 grams Green Beans Flour
4. 400 ml. Lime Water
5. 600 ml. Pandan Juice
6. pandan leaves blended with 600 ml water, filtered only water

How to make
Pour rice flour in a large wok, followed by mung bean flour and the pandan water mixture. Cook over medium heat.

Start to stir right away. The recommended technique is to stir in one direction only. Continue stirring for 10-15 minutes until the batter starts to set with thick consistency.

Turn off the heat and pour the cooked batter into a Lod Chong press with a bucket below containing water at room temperature to capture the Lod Chong noodles. Press down in a pumping motion so the noodles will be short.

Topping Sauce
In a pot, melt the palm sugar and jasmine water together. When it comes to a boil, remove it from heat and stir in the sugar right away. Add coconut cream and sir until blended.

Place Lod Chong noodles in a bowl and add the topping sauce and crushed ice. Enjoy!

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