Collagen Radiant Aura Skin Whiten Ageing Balance C BLC Tripeptide Clear Brighten

Collagen Radiant Aura Skin Whiten Ageing Balance C BLC Tripeptide Clear Brighten

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Collagen Glutahione Skin Whiten Ageing Balance C BLC Tripeptide Clear Brighten

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Condition : New
Brand : BLC Balance 
Size : 30 Sachets / Box
Quantity : 1 Box 
FDA registration No. 74-1-07455-5-0605 

Product details
100% genuine
Outstanding with Collagen Tripeptide, which is the smallest collagen molecule, absorbed more than 10 times better than general Collagen Peptide, premium grade imported from Japan, effective 100%, Balance C, selected Collagen Premium Grade for skin that is naturally white with Collagen Max Dose and antioxidants Helps to take care of the skin that is darkened from the sun urgently.

Easy to eat, no need to brew, tear, pour and eat.
Say goodbye to termite face to be a beautiful face. Collagen Tripeptide absorbs 10 times better than 9 types of natural collagen extracts, gathering many extracts that are beneficial to the skin, whether

- Yogurt
- Coenzyme Q10
- pine bark
- L-Glutathione
- grape seed
- Pomegranate extract

? Help your skin to be white, glowing, aura
? Helps the skin to be smooth and soft
? Helps fill in deep grooves, helps fade blemishes, freckles
? Rejuvenate in no time
? Helps exfoliate new skin cells
? Helps to whiten skin evenly throughout the body
? Helps to moisturize the skin with water in the skin
? Helps fight free radicals, giving you clear skin.
? Easy to brew, dissolve quickly, delicious taste, no fishy smell
? Helps to reduce acne, pimples, pimples
? Helps reduce dark spots on the face to look smooth

Ingredients and Benefits

-Fish Collagen Dipeptide: Concentrated with 30 times more double dipeptide PO and OG than collagen peptides, it penetrates the target cells more quickly. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen elastin more than 100-200%. The amount of use of 500 mg is 10 times less than collagen peptides.

-Type II Collagen UC – II: Fast acting within 30 days, natural extracts. Helps reduce inflammation and pain Acts on the cause of arthritis problems Helps prevent the destruction of the cartilage layer

-Pomegranate Extract, pomano: Pomegranate extract is rich in antioxidants. help slow down aging Restore the function of the body, nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles of age. Help make your skin bright. reduce pigment production whiten skin

-Grape Skin Extract: Excellent antioxidant activity. Has the effect of slowing down the aging of the body Prevent the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer, prevent dementia It protects the skin from the sun and reduces dark circles.

-L-Glutathione: Antioxidant that protects protect cells from damage Inhibit the work of melanin pigment production, make the skin white, dark spots look faded, reduce wrinkles, strengthen immunity. Help the circulatory system good. prevent cancer

-Rice Extract helps fight free radicals. Helps prevent skin cells from being damaged by sunlight. Helps maintain softness and moisture to the skin.

-Green Acerola Cherry: Rich in minerals and nutrients. especially vitamin C

-Pine Bark Extract: Stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells. Makes the skin back to be softer and more youthful. Adjust the skin to be more radiant.

-Coenzyme Q10: It is a vitamin substance. which is considered an important source of energy in daily life that adds freshness and strength to the skin cells

-Yogurt: A dairy product formed by fermentation between milk and probiotics or live good bacteria. When we ingest these bacteria, they balance the host microbiome in the gut. As a result, our digestive system and overall health will improve.

How to eat 
You can tear it up and pour it into your mouth. Take before breakfast or first meal 1-2 sachets per day.

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