2x MAX GLUTA-L 1,000 mg Concentrated Formula Food Supplement Radiant Aura Skin

2x MAX GLUTA-L 1,000 mg Concentrated Formula Food Supplement Radiant Aura Skin

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2x MAX GLUTA-L 1,000 mg Concentrated Formula Food Supplement Radiant Aura Skin

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Condition : New


Size : 30 Capsules / Pc.

Weight : 1,000 mg/capsule

Quantity : 2 Pcs. / Set

FDA registration number : 10-1-05061-5-0046

Product details

Food supplement MAX GLUTA - L (Max Gluta - L)

  ? Product characteristics: capsule

  ? Storage period : 2 years

Important components in MAX GLUTA - L (Max GLUTA - L)

Contains 1000 mg/capsule

L-Glutamine: 350 mg.

L-Cysteine: 300 mg.

L-Glutathione: 250 mg.

Glycine : 100 mg.

Good benefits from MAX GLUTA - L (Max GLUTA - L)

Beautiful skin, healthy body. both outside and inside

  ? Brighter skin X2, pinkish in color, look radiant, smooth, reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots

  ? Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails Helps to strengthen hair roots, not easy to fall off

  ? Remove toxins from various systems of the body against cancer cells

  ? Strengthen the immune system of the body. reduce allergy symptoms

  ? Help to sleep better Add freshness and energetic when you wake up.

  ? Help the body relax, reduce stress. and prevent depression

  ? Help nourish the brain, increase memory, increase IQ, reduce the risk of dementia

  ? Help the body absorb nutrients better

  ? Accelerate the healing of wounds to heal faster

  ? Restore the liver damaged by alcohol. or toxins from cigarettes, drugs

  ? Effectively fights free radicals in the body

Properties of ingredients in MAX GLUTA - L (Max GLUTA - L)

Properties of L-Glutamine L-Glutamine

  ? Help strengthen the immune system of the body.

  ? Nourish the brain and memory Helps the brain work more efficiently, increasing IQ.

  ? Help the body use protein to repair the body effectively while sleeping.

  ? Help to sleep better sleep better Freshen up when you wake up

  ? Help the body relax, reduce stress. and prevent depression

  ? Increases muscle strength increase muscle reduce muscle aches

  ? Accelerates the regeneration of muscle cells make the wound heal faster

  ? Helps the small intestine to absorb nutrients efficiently

Properties of L-Cysteine ??L-Cysteine

  ? Reduce melanin pigment production Make the skin brighter, look radiant, smooth, freckles, dark spots are reduced, slow down the aging of cells.

  ? Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails Helps to strengthen hair roots, not easy to fall off

  ? Helps protect the brain and liver from the destruction caused by drinking alcohol, drugs and smoking

  ? Create anti-oxidants repair genetic material

  ? Strengthen the immune system of the body. Helps the body resist foreign matter, bacteria and viruses.

  ? Help resist and eliminate toxins from various systems in the body easily.

  ? Effectively fights free radicals in the body

Properties of L-Glutathione L-Glutathione

  ? Stimulates the production of pheomelanin (Pheomelanin) which is a light pigment cell. Makes the skin look lighter, brighter, pinker

  ? Antioxidant Protect cells from being destroyed by free radicals.

  ? Helps eliminate toxins from the body's systems such as chemicals or drugs

  ? Nourish the brain and memory

Properties of the amino acid Glycine Glycine

  ? Help build muscle mass and increase muscle strength

  ? Protects skin from age-related deterioration Maintain skin elasticity

  ? Help good mental health and good memory, prevent ischemic stroke.

  ? Aids in good sleep Makes you wake up refreshed and energetic.

  ? Anti-oxidants that occur in different cells

  ? Increase energy level Reduce fatigue, exhaustion, stress and anxiety

  ? Reduce allergy symptoms and autoimmune

Product quality assurance:

100% genuine product quality guarantee, produced and distributed by Max Global Marketing Company Limited, produced by certified factories. You can check the genuine quality by scanning the QR code on the back of the jar. which issued by the FDA cannot be counterfeited or check from the lot number produced on the date of manufacture which the lot numbers for each round are unique

How to eat:

Take 1 capsule/day


Children and pregnant women should not eat.

Not a diet for weight control

Should eat all 5 food groups

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