3x BOTA P Protein Mixed Pea & S Plus Coffee Slim Accelerate Burn Weight Manageme

3x BOTA P Protein Mixed Pea & S Plus Coffee Slim Accelerate Burn Weight Manageme

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3x BOTA P Protein Mixed Pea & S Plus Coffee Slim Accelerate Burn Weight Manageme

(Sugar-free coffee, No Tran Fat)

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Product of Thailand
Condition  : New
Brand : Bota-P
Quantity :   Lot of 3 pcs. (1 set)

1 set contains: 
1 pack of Bota P Protein 60 tablets FDA No.: 11111458-2-0023
2 boxes of S Plus Coffee (17 sachets per box) FDA No.: 10-1-00653-1-0004

Bota P Coffee
Active Ingredient : L-Carnitine, Agglomerated Coffee
Key Ingredients:  
- Non -Dairy Creamer 13.39 g
- Instant Coffee Powder 3.355 g
- L-Carnitine 0.053 g, L-Glutamine 0.053 g
- L-Arginine 0.053 g,  L-Glycine 0.053 g
- Chromium Amino Acid Chelate 0.004 g
-  Aspartame 0.018 g, Acesulfame-K 0.018 g

Properties &Benefit
-To help reduce fat, cholesterol.
-Lowering blood sugar levels Help control weight.
-Good excretion and stress reduction.
-Helps to increase energy and make the body rejuvenated.
-No trans fats that cause clogged fat.
-No sugar can be eaten by diabetics.
-Contains L-Carnitine to help pull old fat to be burned as well.
-Contains natural amino acids help refresh animated.
-It also has a mellow taste. It is good for coffee lovers.

Note :  Take care of yourself in full dimensions, good shape, beautiful  
skin, clean from in side, good excretion and burning more.

How to eat it 
1 sachet of coffee S Plus coffee brewed with hot water (120 ml.), Stirred immediately.

BOTA P Protein Mixed Pea

Bota p is a concentrated capsule protein extracted from four types of beans with hydrolyzate innovation. From the Netherlands. Using the only innovation in Hydrolysis in Thailand And received the Excellent Product Award Quality Choice Prize 2019 On July 7, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

The world's latest innovation botaP peptide protein Extracted from black beans, red beans, green beans, white beans through Hydrolysis technology from the Netherlands. Resulting in high quality protein concentrate in 1 capsule containing amino acids That is essential to the body. 18 types of bodies cannot be created. Must be obtained from eating When eating, it can break down to generate energy and benefit the body in 5 minutes.

It's protein, not a weight loss drug Helps shape, shape, fit and firm. Helps to get fit, firm, fast, see the difference in 7 days

How to use     
Take 2 capsules 5 minutes before exercise, the body can absorb and apply it in 5 minutes without waiting for gastric juice. When you are not exercising, take 2 capsules before breakfast on an empty stomach with white beans to help block sugar, help you lose weight After eating protein To drink a lot of water So that the body can be used immediately. This is because proteins are broken down and absorbed into cells without waiting for protease secretions.
** Urgent formula, take 2 capsules before breakfast on an empty stomach and 2 capsules in the evening. Or 5 minutes before exercise, you can eat 2-9 caps per day according to the amount of energy needs of each person **

- It is a protein that helps burn fat Build muscle
- It is a protein that helps balance the body. Revitalize and repair the wear and tear at the cellular level
- Helps the various systems in the body work better. Better metabolism Excretory system
- Helps keep the skin clear, soft, moisturized, no hair loss, not split ends, nails, strong, healthy from within. It was a period without knowing it, and it was very bright red.
- helps to refresh Crispy Not easily tired, not tired, brighten
- absorbed in 5 minutes
- Build clear muscles
- Helps to have a good shape, fit and firm, clear proportion
- Helps control weight
- Helps draw fat to burn
- Helps to nourish the body To have good health
- Helps to nourish the skin
- Restore the skin to be beautiful, clear, healthy.
- Helps reduce fatigue and fatigue
- Helps to increase the efficiency of work within the body
- Build a strong immune system
- Helps to strengthen sexual function

Caution :
- Should eat a variety of all 5 group in the right proportions on a regular basis.
- No the prevention and treatment of disease.

Results may vary depending on the individual.

Results may vary depending on the individual.

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